Sunday, April 14, 2024

4th Sunday of Great Lent: St John Climacus (of the Ladder) here for more



Father Mikel, Pastor



Father David Balmer, Attached, Retired

Deacon John Weiss

Deacon Rodion Pfeiffer



Stephanie A. Homyak, Church School Director & Newsletter Editor


Matushka Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Myrrh Bearers

Andrew Evans, Council President 

Barbara Harp, Choir Director

Subdeacon Michael Wagner 

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Regular Services

Saturday: Vespers, 5:00 pm

Sunday: Divine Liturgy, 9:00 am



1614 E. Monte Vista Rd.

Phoenix, Az 85006


Phone / Email

Fr. Mikel: 907-444-8545

Church: 602-253-9515


Directions To Saints Peter & Paul


Schedule of Upcoming Services

Weds April 10th 540pm 9th Hour/Presanctified Liturgy
Fri April 12th 840am 9th Hour/Presanctified Liturgy
Sat April 13th 840am Hours/Divine Liturgy 5pm Vespers
Sun April 14th 840am Hours/Divine Liturgy

Pan-Orthodox Vespers

April 14 - 6pm St. Katherine, Greek Orthodox Church

Weds April 17th 540pm 9th Hour/Presanctified Liturgy
Fri April 19th 840am 9th Hour/Presanctified Liturgy
Sat April 20th 10am Baptisms 5pm Vespers
Sun April 21st 840am Hours/Divine Liturgy

Pan-Orthodox Vespers

April 21 - 6pm Sts. Peter & Paul, Orthodox Church

Weds April 24th 540pm 9th Hour/Presanctified Liturgy
Fri April 26th 840am 9th Hour/Presanctified Liturgy 6pm Matins
Sat April 27th 840am Hours/Divine Liturgy 5pm Vespers Blessing of Palms
Sun April 28th 840am Hours/Divine Liturgy Noon or so Bridegroom Matins

Mon April 29th 840am 9th Hour/Presanctified Liturgy 6pm Bridegroom Matins
Tues April 30th 840am 9th Hour/Presanctified Liturgy 6pm Bridegroom Matins
Weds May 1st 840am 9th Hour/Presanctified Liturgy 6pm Matins
Thurs May 2nd 840am 9th Hour/Vesperal Liturgy 6pm Matins w/12 Gospels
Fri May 3rd 8am Royal Hours 4pm Vespers 6pm Matins w/Lamentations
Sat May 4th 840am 9th Hour/Vesperal Liturgy 11:30pm Nocturns/
Sun May 5th 12:01am Procession/Matins /Hours /Divine Liturgy/Blessing of
Baskets in the Hall 1pm Vespers
Mon May 6th 850am Hours/Divine Liturgy


Visit of Metropolitan Tikhon - 11/03/2019

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Parish News

This Week...

April 6, 2024

Bible Study/Class will be on Mon and Tues evenings at 6, in April class will be 8th, 15th & 16th, 22nd & 23rd. And then back to Weds on May 15th. There will not be a class on April 9th.

If you would like to donate to the Pascha Card please see Stephanie Homiak,all proceeds go to St John the Baptist Monastery Building Fund. 

When parking please be courteous and do not block anyone in.  If the church lot is full you may park on the street or across the street at Bamboo Bakery.

On April 21st St Peter and Paul will host the Pan-Orthodox Vespers at 6pm.  Please mark this on your calendars.

On May 5th, Pascha Vespers will be at 1pm and there will be a potluck afterwards, everyone is invited to attend.  If you wish to bring a dish, please see Pat Starkey to coordinate what you will bring.

April 20th at 6:30 pm at Pollack Cinema in Tempe for a viewing of "Sacred Alaska" and "Amphilochios Saint of Patmos." Here is the link for ticket purchases: Sacred Alaska and Amphilochios Saint of Patmos

Please read in the narthex of the hall, or use the link below, about the monks and nuns' financial problems with the contractor.

There will be a cleaning Saturday on May 11th beginning at 10am. Please mark this on your calendars and plan on attending, with all the services of Holy Week and Pascha the church gets dirty and is in need of a deep cleaning.

Please remember to tithe, this is very important. The tithe goes into the operating budget to keep the church running, and in this way we are able to bring Christ to the community.    

We Christians…should watch with our heart even when our eyes are closed in sleep; as the Song of Songs says of the Church, “I sleep, but my heart is awake.” Therefore the Apostle warns us earnestly and wisely: “Persevere in prayer and be watchful in it” - meaning that, when God sees we are attentive at prayer, we can obtain what we ask Him. St.Cyprian of Carthage

The Mission of The Orthodox Church in America, the local autocephalous Orthodox Christian Church, is to be faithful in fulfilling the commandment of Christ to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…”

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The Holy Scripture is a collection of books written over multiple centuries by those inspired by God to do so. It is the primary witness to the Orthodox Christian faith, within Holy Tradition and often described as its highest point. It was written by the prophets and apostles in human language, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and collected, edited, and canonized by the Church.

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Holiness or sainthood is a gift (charisma) given by God to man, through the Holy Spirit. Man's effort to become a participant in the life of divine holiness is indispensable, but sanctification itself is the work of the Holy Trinity, especially through the sanctifying power of Jesus Christ, who was incarnate, suffered crucifixion, and rose from the dead, in order to lead us to the life of holiness, through the communion with the Holy Spirit.

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Saints Peter & Paul Orthodox Church
1614 E Monte Vista Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85006