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You have received into the enjoyment of Your goodness and repose, O only Good One, the pious and God-bearing martyrs,

who abandoned all earthly things: Akindynus, Pegasius, and Anempodistus, together with Aphthonius and Elpidephorus.


Alexis Washington

Archimandrite Daniel (Brum) Rector

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

For me, the fall is really the best, most pleasant and enjoyable time of the year here in the Valley of the Sun.  The mornings and evenings are pleasantly cool and the days are generally not too warm.  In addition to the fine weather, this time of the year also signals the imminent approach of the holiday season—from the Nativity Fast (which starts on November 15), Thanksgiving Day later this month (November 27), the Feast of the Nativity (December 25), the Civil New Year (January 1), to our annual celebration of the Great Feast of the Theophany (January 6).  Before we know it, the evening and morning will grow cold, the days will be shorter, and our appreciation for the warmth of our homes will grow stronger.

In addition to the coming weeks signaling a time of preparation for the holidays, for me, personally, this year brings with it an even more heightened sense of preparation.  As you are aware, I was recently elected by the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America as the auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of the West, with the title “Bishop of Santa Rosa.”  My consecration to the episcopacy has been scheduled to take place at Holy Trinity Cathedral in San Francisco, California, the weekend of January 23-25, 2015.  However, in the weeks leading up to this awesome and life-changing moment, I must also add additional preparation to my calendar.  There is much to prepare, much to do, many details to be seen to.  But the most important preparation for me to undertake is the personal spiritual preparation that is necessary.  Prayer, reflection, and study will be an important part of my spiritual preparation.  

In the eight-plus years that I have served the parish community of Saints Peter and Paul, I have always depended on your prayerful support.  And I do so now more than ever. And so, I ask you to share in this imminent preparation through your prayers and, in the coming weeks, by entering into the full spirit of the Nativity Fast.  As we journey toward the celebration of the Nativity of Christ- and as I prepare for my Consecration and for episcopal service in the Church- let us hold one another in prayer, asking the Lord that we may be granted to fully embrace, understand, and share the meaning of His coming into the world as the Prince of Peace and Savior of our Souls.

Be assured that I will provide regular updates on the events surrounding the consecration in the days and weeks to come.  

With love in the Lord,

Archimandrite Daniel

 Father Daniel’s Message for November

Reflections in Christ

           Building Hope for Boys

          Without Families


           Families Without Homes

Synaxis of the Holy Unmercenaries

Martyr Acindynus of Persia

Saint Acindynus suffered martyrdom in Persia along with Sts Pegasias, Aphthonius, Elpidephorus, Anempodistus, and 7,000 and 7,000 other Christians at the time of King Sapor II (310-381). These saints were Sapor’s courtiers, and were secret Christians. When the king began his persecution against Christians, envious pagans denounced them to him. Summoned to Sapor’s presence for trial, the holy martyrs fearlessly confessed their faith in the Holy Trinity. The king ordered them to be beaten with whips.

Sapor told the people that Sts Acindynus, Pegasias, Anempodistus and Elpidephorus would have their heads cut off, and that he would not permit the Christians to bury their bodies.

A tremendous crowd accompanied these saints as they were led outside the city walls for execution, glorifying Christ. On Sapor’s orders, soldiers massacred all the Christians in the procession (about 7,000), including St Elpidephorus.

Acindynus, Pegasias, and Anempodistus were burned on the following day with the mother of the emperor. Christians, came secretly by night to the place of execution, found the bodies of the holy martyrs unharmed by the fire, and they buried them with reverence.

Divine Liturgy

Metropolitan KALLISTOS Ware

Part of a lecture series on Orthodox Christianity

Pictures from the Diocesan Assembly

Click Here for More Pictures of the Diocesan Assembly

Holy Synod concludes fall session

…and Bishop-elect Daniel’s consecration and enthronement will be celebrated on

January 23, 24 & 25, 2015 in San Francisco and Santa Rosa…click here for more…

Click here to read Archbishop BENJAMIN’S MEMORANDUM regarding the When and Where of the Episcopal Consecration of Archimandrite Daniel (Brum) as Bishop of Santa Rosa

Read More of Father Daniel’s Journey to Orthodoxy.